Dolmar Chainsaw PS35 C

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    Chainsaw Dolmar ps35 C cm Bar.40Capacity 290 ml Chain Oil Tankcilindrata35ccFuel Tank Capacity 0.4 LVibration in Handle Ant/post 4.9/5.0 m/s2Bar Length supplied cm. 40Step 3/8 "Weight (EPTA) 4.4 kgEasy?Start?Starter?Easy?And?Fast- Primer?For?A?Starter?Simple?And?Fast.- Control?Touch?&?Stop:?One?Lever?Of?Control?For departures?A?Cold,?Position?Of?Work?And?Arrest.- Clutch?Juicer- Harpoon?In?Metal?For?Cut?Log?In Length- anti-shocks?In?Stainless Steel:?4?Spring?In?Steel?For?Reduce the?Vibration.- Pump?Oil?Adjustable- Brake?Chain?For?A?Stop?Instant?The?In chain?Case?Of?Kickback.- Muffler?Fragrance?For?Reduce?The?Emissions

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