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Technical Details
  • 34.7 CC and 35 cm blade with protective chain Magnesium for reducing L 'release of gas
  • Ritzel to the chain is more easy to replace, just like a thorough cleaning.
  • Anzündung Digital, controls the process of a subtle shine which form autofocus, even in high revolutions, as well as the kick back.
  • Estarter (Medium Aceleracion) off in a single remote control, without the need Rearmarle.
  • Easy to so only thanks to the three clips, Soltamos the shell and the filter, this with 2 fotocamere. Descompresora valve for easy distribution
  • Ritzel which provides a more easy to replace the chain, as well as a thorough cleaning
  • Anzündung Digital, which controls the process of a subtle gloss shape autofocus, both in high revolutions, as well as the kick back
  • Estarter (Medium acceleration) and turn off in just a remote control, with no Rearmarle
    PS350SC motorbikes/35 ierra 34.7cc

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