Einhell Petrol Chainsaw 1.5 kW GC-PC 1535 I TC 4501872 Sawing Wood Two-stroke

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Technical Details
  • Engine: Two-stroke, air cooled
  • Engine displacement: 41 cm³
  • Power: 1.5 kW
  • Speed: Maximum 11000 RPM
  • Capacity of the fuel tank: 260 ml
    The Einhell petrol chain saw GC-PC 1535 I TC is a handy, efficient tool and practical helper for sawing firewood, thinning out shrubs, removing branches and cutting down trees. A quality rail and chain from OREGON ensure an optimal cutting performance. Thanks to a choke and primer, the engine always starts without difficulty. The chain can be tensioned and exchanged without tools. The GC-PC 1535 I TC has good safety features. Pressure on the finger guard will trigger the chain brake and stop the chain within a few milliseconds. For safety in the event of the chain jumping off the rail, there is a chain catch. A large, robust claw stop ensures safe handling on felling and cutting-to-length jobs, and it also serves as a pivot point when sawing horizontal trunks. In idle mode, the centrifugal clutch disengages the chain from the engine. Thanks to the crank shaft with bilateral bearings, the engine runs with very low vibration. For high user-friendliness even on long work sessions there is also an anti-vibration system. The cutter rail and chain are lubricated automatically. The chain saw is delivered with a petrol/oil mixing bottle and a cutter guard. Engine: Two-stroke, air cooledEngine displacement: 41 cm³Power: 1.5 kWSpeed: Maximum 11000 RPMCapacity of the fuel tank: 260 mlCapacity of the oil tank: 210 mlGuide bar length: 350 mmCutting length: 33.5 cmCutting speed: 21 m/sHigh-quality rail and chain from OREGONToolless chain tensioning and exchangeAnti-vibration handle - dampens shocks and reduces user fatiguesBig metal clawAutomatic lubrication of the chainKickback protection and instant chain brakeAuto-choke and primer for a fast startDigital ignitionCrank shaft mounted at two endsCentrifugal clutchPetrol/oil mixing bottleCutter guard

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