Pruning Chainsaw Husqvarna 236 Professional Series

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    Brand New HUSQVARNA 236 CHAINSAW SEMI-PROFESSIONAL DA 38.2 CC- 2 STROKE Anti-vibration system "LowVib ®" "Air Injection" Centrifugal air cleaning system "X-Torq ®" Low power consumption and high levels of prestaione. Specifications: - Motor 2 T-€ 2 - Displacement 38.2 cc- 1.4 kw - Idle speed 3000 rev/min - Maximum power speed 9000 rev/min. - Bore 40 mm stroke - Fuel mix 3% synthetic oil - Recommended bar length, 35 cm Oil pump capacity 8-8 ml/min. They are easy to start and operate a Graie ergonomic design, advanced technology and powerful X-Torq engine with low emissions Husqvarna 236E is ideal for work such as pruning, contained cutting operations and jobs hobbystica. Easy to start and use, with built-in features like ergonomic design, easy technology and powerful X-Torq ® engine from low emissions. Specifications: "LowVib ®" Effective dampers absorb vibration, protecting the arms and hands "Air Injection" Centrifugal air cleaning system for reduced wear and longer operating time between filter cleanings. "X-Torq ®" provides a very low power consumption and minimum exhaust emissions, in accordance with the strictest global environmental standards and stringent. "Command combined choke/stop" command combined choke/stop enables set-ups very easy and reduces the risk of flooding the engine. Particular outlet located in a position facilitated gases with low level of pollution located in the front of the vehicle. Sound pressure level at operator's ear 100.7 dB (A)

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