Pruning Chainsaw Husqvarna 445 E Series

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    Chainsaw HUSQVARNA 445 ESAW LINE MULTI SEMI-PROFESSIONALEHUSQVARNA 445-E FROM 45 CC - 2 STROKE Anti-vibration system "LowVib ¨ "Air Injection" Centrifugal air cleaning system X-Torq ¨ Provides a very low power consumption and minimum levels of emissions of exhaust gases, in accordance with the most stringent and stringent global environmental regulations. Specifications: Engine 2 T-Û 2 Displacement 45 cc - 2.1 kw Idling speed 2700 rev / min Maximum power speed 9600 rev / min. Fuel mixture to 2% synthetic oil Recommended bar length 18 "45 CM Oil pump flow adjustableAir Injection Centrifugal air cleaning system for reduced wear and longer operating time between filter cleanings.Decompression valve: Press the valve to reduce the compression in the cylinder and facilitate the set in motion. Always use the valve decompression during commissioning motion LowVib ¨ Effective vibration dampers absorb vibration, protecting the arms and hands. PRODUCT RANGE MULTI Starting facilitated thanks to the decompression button located on the side of the saw With starter rope Chain pitch .325 "H30 Pixel - 64 mesh Better grip The crankcase of the engine of sturdy construction withstands extremely high numbers of revolutions and to the hardest professional use, ensuring a long duration. Good balance - Good reliabilitySPECIFICATIONS ENGINE 45 CC - 2 TA BLAST A MIX GREEN PETROL / OIL POWER 2.1 KW ON A ROPE BAR LENGTH 18 "45 cm STEP CHAIN 325 " Chain speed at max power 14.69 m / s OIL PUMP AUTO-adjustable OIL TANK 250 ml FUEL TANK 370 ml WEIGHT 5.1 Kg IN TRIBUTE LIMA SHARPENING KIT FOR YOUR CHAIN 325

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