Ultranatura Electric Chain Saw – 100 35 cm Blade length

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Technical Details
  • Easy and handy petrol chainsaw with powerful Motor - 1800 Watt
  • Includes Schutzköcher and Cable stress relief
  • Rückschlagschutz and automatic chain lubrication
  • 110 ml oil tank with viewing
  • Robust metal spiked bumper
    Designed for non-professional useThis chainsaw is designed specifically for felling small trees and cutting trunks, branches, wooden beams, and timber boards. It can be used for longitudinal and transverse cuts. Its excellent follow-through and impressive cutting power make the EK-100 a perfect tool for home and garden DIY enthusiasts.Pulling its weightThe EK-100 weighs just 4.8 kg and balances well in your hand, which means less fatigue for you when working. The in comparison with petrol-powered chainsaws relatively low noise will please the neighbours and there is more: The EK-100 is emission-free, which means it can be used in closed spaces, like your hobby room, garage, or garden shed. Pretty useful when it is raining or snowing outside!Safety firstThe integrated lockout switch must be held down for the saw to operate. This is an important safety feature, preventing accidental saw activation. The motor will bring the saw chain to a standstill as soon as the ON/OFF switch is released or the power supply is interrupted. The delayed chain action significantly reduces the risk of injury. The chain brake is another protective mechanism triggered via the hand guard at the front. The chain brake is triggered if the chainsaw recoils, which stops the movement of the saw chain in under a tenth of a second.Keeping it simpleThe operating manual, which comes with the chainsaw, contains illustrated instructions for easy assembly, operation, and maintenance of the saw. It also contains some safety-relevant tips about working with a motor-powered saw. SpecificationsMains voltage: 230 V ~ 50 Hz Rated output: 1800 W Bar length: approx. 356 mmCut length: approx. 350 mm Cutting speed at nominal motor speed: 13.5 m/sFill level oil reservoir: approx. 110 mlWeight incl. bar: approx. 4.8 kg

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