Here’s how to get the most out of your chainsaw

There aren’t too terribly many things more “manly” than firing up a chainsaw, heading out onto a plot of land, and felling trees left and right – but that doesn’t mean that first-time operators are going to want to dive right into the mix and just kind of learn how to use their chainsaw on the fly.

These are incredibly powerful pieces of equipment that have the potential to do significant amounts of damage. You need to know exactly how to get the most out of your chainsaw in a safe and as effective away as possible, and that’s exactly what we hope to help you out with below.

Let’s dig right in!

Get to know your chainsaw before you fire it up

Not only are you going to want to know exactly how to fire your new chainsaw up for the first time, but you’re also going to want to know how to fuel it, how to oil and lubricate the engine and the chain/bar, and how to keep just the right amount of tension on the chain for effortless and efficient operation.

You need to know where your key safety features are, how to most comfortably use your chainsaw, and how to shut it down instantly in the event of an emergency.

All of this has to be understood before you fire your chainsaw for the first time, so make sure that you read the manual, check out YouTube for videos specific to your chainsaw model, and “dry run” using your chainsaw without actually turning it on.

Really think each chainsaw movement through

A lot of people get into some pretty hairy situations with a chainsaw because they just kind of “dive in” and let the chainsaw do all of the heavy lifting for them.

Because these are such powerful tools they are going to be able to rip and chew through pretty much anything that you throw at them, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to be putting yourself, your property, or others in harms way with this kind of approach.

A much smarter way to get the most out of your chainsaw is to evaluate the project that you are looking to complete and then think of how to best approach chopping down chunks and sections of the tree or material that you are ripping through with your chainsaw to get through the project as safely and as quickly as possible.

Clear your workspace as much as you are able to, secure whatever it is you are chopping down to the best of your ability, and then move slowly, diligently, and purposefully through the actual cutting of process until you get the results that you are looking for.

It isn’t quite as “fun” or as glamorous as just heading out into the woods and chopping down trees left and right with a chainsaw in your hands, but it’s definitely going to help protect you and anyone else you have around you from having to go to a serious appointment in the emergency room.